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New Staff - 4/25/14

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New Staff - 4/25/14

Post by Not-An-Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:03 pm

The Site is in dire need of new staff members. If you feel like you are up to the task, message a staff member and we will begin to see whether or not you are up to the responsibility. This is a high honor, and will only be given away for free (without DP) this once, and other rare occasions when we do Staff Sweeps.

Please note, if you are allowed onto the Staff Team, your position isn't guaranteed. No Admins are needed as of now, so the only available jobs are as follows.

  • Enrise Purple Dorm Leader - The Middle Dorm's Dorm Leader. Only apply if you are in the Middle Dorm or above. Must be an active member of the site that is constantly available to the members. Must post Homework at least twice a week, and have an intermediate knowledge of Game play, rulings and card knowledge. An interview will be issued upon request, and those who do not add up will be turned away.
  • Testers - The Testers of our Website's members. Almost all Moderators are Testers, as are Admins, but if a tester is on to do the job, they are expected to this job before Moderators or Admins. With the Tester position, we are also in need of a Head Tester. Only apply if you are in the Middle Dorm or above. Head Tester will only be relinquished to a Norleras Crimson dorm member. Testers must be vigilant to their testees, and thus are expected to grade them accordingly and correctly, without editing the scores for any reasons. An advanced knowledge of Game Play, rulings, card knowledge and skill in the game are required. An interview and duel test will be issued upon request, and those who do not add up will be turned away.
  • Moderators - The Mini-Admins of the Website. Do not apply unless you are Middle dorm or higher. Moderators are given Chat-Moderator Powers, and are thus given the ability to kick members from, clear the, and ban members from the chat box. They are also expected to look over the forum and check to see if the members are following the rules put into place by the Rules of the site, and correct/reprimand any members/posts that are in violation. Using the Staff Tools found at the bottom of the page, which only Mods/Admins can see, they can move and edit posts as needed. Certain Moderators are also given permission to test, but only if so many members are present that a Moderator must test, or a tester isn't present to test members. Requires an advanced knowledge of game play, rulings, card knowledge and an intermediate skill level in order to be a moderator. An interview will be issued upon request, along with a test duel to see if you are allowed to act as a Tester. Those who do not add up will be turned away.


Zeus' Guide to TDA:

Never ask me what this site can do for you. I want to know what you can do for this site.
If you want to become a staff member, contact me!
Before you go asking and complaining, yes, I know that Eros is a total butt.

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