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Zeus' Deck Shop in the Clouds!

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Zeus' Deck Shop in the Clouds!

Post by Not-An-Admin on Wed Aug 27, 2014 10:12 pm

Hello, Guest! It is I, your Head Master, and do I have a surprise for you! I've finally, actually used my deckshop license to make. . .well, what, might you ask? You guessed it; a Deck Shop!

I know what you're thinking. Oh, Zeus-Chan! Thank you for giving us your wisdom!

Just one slight issue. Small one, really. Being who I am (Zeus), I have actually opened my Deck Shop. . .in the sky. How cool is that?! You've gotta come up here and check it out some time, you know, when you get the ability to climb up here or fly. . .or maybe I could just float down to you when you wanna buy something? I haven't worked all that out yet, but that doesn't matter.

What matters, is that I've got a deck shop built up on a cloud, and if you can get to me, you can have something.

Now, the Decks in here are going to be ordered by price and duel efficiency. I will also provide the services of custom decks, in which you tell me what deck you want to build, and I'll build it. This will cost you 50-100 DP, depending on what I feel about the deck.
Within a Week, if you don't like the deck I gave you, you can tell me and I'll give you your cashcash back. This doesn't apply to just custom decks, this applies to all decks. If you aren't satisfied with the deck, tell me within a week and then tell me why you weren't satisfied. I'll try to fix the deck up to match your issues, and give it right back, or just give your your money back.
I will also provide Side Decks for any deck you already have. Just give up 10 of your DP, and I'll look over your deck and tell you what cards you need in your Side deck.
For 200 dp, I'll take a look at any deck you already have and turn it into the best version of that deck I can possibly think of. If you aren't satisfied, tell me, and I'll give you your money back.
Every format, I will go through the decks I have offered and change them to match the new format and it's meta game. I will inform you of each Update I make to the list, whether it be simply editing a deck already present or adding a completely new one. Sometimes, I may throw a funny deck up here just for the laughs. You never know.
If you abuse any of the services I have offered to you, such as demanding your money back when the deck works perfectly, I will cut these services off to you. There is a lot I am giving that I don't have too. Abuse them, and you will lose them.

Sunny Day - 20 DP
Grave Keepers
Dark Counterparts

Cloudy with a Chance of Victory - 40 DP
Gladiator Beasts

Thunder Storms are imminent - 50 DP
Black Wings
Bujin Sworns
Crystal Beasts
Herald Agents

Warning: Tornado Alert - 100 DP
Rank-Up Hands
Mecha Phantoms
Dark Worlds

Cumulonimbus Approaching - 200 DP
Fire Kings
Blue-eyes rulers

Seek Shelter. Tropical Storm Approaching - 400 DP
Hope for Escape - Exodia
Fables + Quasar
Lightsworn Rulers
Naturia Lock
Ojama OTK
Plant-Quasar Turbo
Chain Burn
Please note: All of these decks are of my own build and creation. If I sell these to a Deck Shop owner, and I find one of these on their shop, I will remove the item from their shop. If it happens again, I will have the shop taken down. You are free to edit the decks any way you wish once you have them, but never, and I say never, are you allowed to use them in your Deck Shop.


Zeus' Guide to TDA:

Never ask me what this site can do for you. I want to know what you can do for this site.
If you want to become a staff member, contact me!
Before you go asking and complaining, yes, I know that Eros is a total butt.

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