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(Aurora) Darkflair Round 2

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(Aurora) Darkflair Round 2

Post by II~{CikHavak}~II on Mon Aug 18, 2014 3:46 am

Tester's Deck: Pure Deception Device (Pure Karakuri)
Testee's Deck: Geared 4 Victory  (Geargia Handy Spam)

Duel Scores:

Duel Results: 15/40
Note: 15 Points per victory, plus 10 points if the Testee wins 2/2.
Ruling Knowledge: 20/25
Note: An overall analogy of how the Tester believes the Testee understands the rulings of the Game. The tester is encouraged to add points if improvement is seen.
Card Knowledge: 7/10
Had drowsiness, and because of that I had to catch the tested about the wording on "E tele". However you should overcome the nerves to extend, limit the damage you take and always have a back-up plan.
Flexibility: 4/5
Was able to assert miraculous field presence in the early stages of the gave, was nervous and decided to sit on 2 backrow, Machina Gearframe+fortress and a Geargiano, though even that took some resource dipping to over come the BHOH.
Card Usage: 20/25
Played his deck well, almost OTK'd  me singularly in a 2 turn set up play.
Improvement: 17/20
Gave me a run for my money in the first round, due to my arrogance of not setting protection.

Overall Duel Scores: 83/125

Deck Scores:

Deck Commonness: 27/30
Deck tech wasn't that bad, he had a core build but I haven't seen E-Hands let alone Machina Tech.
Deck Mechanics: 20/20
Had a very fast paced deck, with a lot of Early, Mid, and late game combo's.
Deck Consistency: 12/15
Nothing to tell here, just keep it up.
Side Deck: 4/5
Scrap Iron Scare-Crow isn't the best idea of tech, but it's tech nonetheless.

Overall Deck Scores: 63/70

Special Score Adjustments:

Misplays: ?/?
Note: Minus 5 points for each misplay.
Rage Quit: ?/-25
Note: Subtract 25 points from the Test Scores known before the Rage, and provide a Screenie of it.
Leaving Before Match is Complete: ?/-25
Minus 5 Points, plus an extra loss of 10 points for each game missed. If they have to leave during Siding, this does not apply. If they quit at the beginning of Round 1, subtract 25 points. Provide a Screenie.

Overall Points Deducted:

Dorm Placement Test Score: 146/205

Dorm Exam Re-Take Results: Fail

Seek Havak in the most Sickening ways possible.
Death/Destiny/Love is a drunken Driver.

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