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Introductions of TDA

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Introductions of TDA

Post by Eros, God Of Love on Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:58 pm

Hello everyone,

It is I, your most benevolent God, Eros. This seemed like the most appropriate area to post this under, because, believe it or not, this is an introduction. Now, you must be wondering "Why is he introducing himself, he brought most of us here, and everybody else already knows him," but, it isn't for me. This introduction is for our forum, the all-seeing Twilight Duel Academy, the place where light and dark clash.

This academy will bring you many things, but, our main goal in priority is to make you better at this game we call Yu-Gi-Oh, and that was apparently played by the Atlanteans, Egyptians, and all manner of other ancient races. (If you are to believe the anime, anyway.)

Now, I will not lie to you; this game is complicated. This game is so complicated that, even though this game is supposed to be for little kids, it is mostly played by highschoolers and up. Meaning college kids, basically. And college kids are really freaking smart. But do not fear, for, it is not hard, it is just complicated, and, once you understand everything, you will be moving right along with everyone else.

Since all of that is out of the way, I want you guys to have fun and be respectful to each other. Don't rage quit for no reason, like your opponent just summoned 3 JDs, or is running Six Sams. Just play the game.

Brought to you by Eros, the leading cause of Heartburn in the entire world.
Eros, God Of Love

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